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A list issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of documents and records that U.S. im¬porters and others must keep, retain and, if the CBP de¬mands, produce or be subject to administrative penalties.

Abandonment - (shipping / insurance)

(a) The act of refusing delivery of a shipment so badly damaged in transit that it is worthless.

(b) Damage to a vessel that is so severe that it is consid¬ered a constructive total loss

Abatement - (shipping)

A deduction or discount given as a result of dam¬age to a shipment or an overcharge in the payment of a bill

Abbrochment - (law)

The purchase at wholesale of all merchandise that is intended to be sold in a particular retail market for the pur¬pose of controlling that market

Able-Bodied Seaman - (shipping)

An experienced seaman in the merchant marine able to perform all routine duties on board a ship. Depend¬ing upon the vessel, these duties can include... standing watch, standing lookout, acting as helmsman, steering, handling rigging, operating a launch, operating cranes and gantries and other ship equipment. Able bodied seaman is the second level job of six towards becoming a capitan (ordinary seaman, able-bodied seaman, third mate, second mate, chief mate, captain)

Aboard - (shipping/logistics)

(a) The placement or lading of cargo on any conveyancece

(b) Cargo that has been placed or laden on any means of conveyance

About - (banking)

In connection with letters of credit, ABOUT means a tolerance of plus/minus 10% regarding the letter of credit value, unit price or the quantity of the goods, de¬pending on the context in which the term is used

Above Deck - (shipping)

Location on or above the highest deck of a ship. Cargo or containers shipped above deck are subject to wind, rain and fluctuations in temperature. Some cargo, as a result of its size, must be shipped above deck. Some let¬ters of credit and purchase contracts specifically forbid placement of cargo above deck

Absolute Advantage - (economics)

The advantage of one nation or geographic region over another in the costs of manufacturing an item in terms of used resources

Absorption - (economics)

Investment and consumption purchases by house¬holds, businesses and governments, both domestic and im¬ported. When absorption exceeds production, the excess is the country’s current account deficit

Absorption - (shipping)

The assumption by one carrier of the special charges of another carrier generally without increasing charges to the shipper

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