1001 Love Letters

1001 Love Letters : Love-Letter written by A Man to A Married Woman in The Next-Door

My Darling Rakhi,

How sweet are the stolen glimpses of a woman’s body? The first time when I saw you was while you were undressing for a bath. When you took off your blouse first, my eyes were fixed at those beauteous flowers of heaven which even the gods envy. Since that moment I have become your admirer.

Was it a sin on my part? I have never seen a young woman in that lovely nakedness. I have never seen such beauty and youth blended together. You locks of hair were scattered on your chest. Those dew drops of water which scattered like pearls when you poured water from the bowl upon you.

I know I have no right to hold your beauteous frame. But then, have I no right even to dream of your beauty in loneliness. Pardon me if I have committed adultery by staring at your beauty.

Yours Dreamer,


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1001 Love Letters