15 Toughest Interview Questions

15 Toughest Interview Questions :

What helps in building your enthusiasm in work?

The answer to this should be recognition and growth, as you believe if a person has persistently worked hard and outdone his target he deserves recognition in any form by his seniors and a possibility to grow in the organization.

What do you wish to gain from our company?

Excellent question! Research is the answer (know everyone is tired of hearing this but we feel this is one great way for applicants to make a difference in their candidacy). Determine some of the key elements in the corporate structure, product base, employees/management team or recent history. What appeals to you about working at this company? Go with what you know.

"In the past, I have had opportunities to work on new products being launched. I am very excited about your plans to start an entire new line of products. With my prior experience I know I can provide insights and make contributions immediately and I will also learn so much from the excellent team you have in place. Having done single products, I would love to be in on the give- and-take meetings planning the new line...there is much I can offer but also much for me to learn."

Finding something specific...the opportunity to use a new technology, a new skill, to work with 'experts on their team"...are ways for you to find job satisfaction, which is another way of asking this question

What would be your suggestion to our organization?

Whenever talking about one’s organization, make it a point that every opinion given is extremely humble. Don’t start pointing out the flaws of the organization. This might lead to you offending the interviewer.

How much training would you require to start giving a productive result to the company?

Make it a point to explain that you are a fast learner. Try to relate your answer with the brilliance you had achieved in your last training and your capability to imply the knowledge for best possible results. Give a realistic time frame as you do not want to come across as an over-confident person.

What made you decide this field of working?

While talking about his decision of field, one should always be absolutely affirmative. You can always talk about better growth rate, your passion towards the particular field, opportunity to learn and a chance to utilize your competence to the fullest.

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