5 Steps of Resume Development

5 Steps of Resume Development :

Step 1 : Analyze the Job Description

Read job descriptions thoroughly and then highlight all of the keywords which indicate required and preferred skills, abilities, attributes and qualifications. If an employer is looking for somebody who is innovative, punctual and attentive to detail, use these same or similar words in your resume.

Step 2 : Generate a List of Accomplishments

Create an inventory of your accomplishments - tasks that you enjoyed doing, did well and are proud of. Include education / training, volunteer experience, jobs, projects, school assignments, travel and group or team activities. Focus on the outcomes of your efforts. Quantify your results if possible. Don’t be humble! Resumes are promotional tools.

Step 3 : Identify Relevant Skill Areas

Frame your experience so that it focuses on skills and achievements that are desirable for that particular position. Make sure each accomplishment you list highlights a skill the employer is looking for.

Step 4 : Write Descriptive Phrases

Using action verbs, write concise phrases to describe experiences that demonstrate your relevant skills. The accomplishments on your resume should ultimately be targeted to address an employer’s needs. Do your best to place them in order of relevance with the most relevant information as close as possible to the top.

Step 5: Choose a Format

While resume templates may be tempting, they tend to be inflexible. Also, employers are often familiar with them and may perceive you as lacking ingenuity.

5 Steps of Resume Development