55 Powerful Bullets That Work

55 Powerful Bullets That Work :

6 of the top selling products on the ___ and why.

How to turn $xxx into $xxxx in less than 14 days with ________.

How a ______ got # new customers in 9 days.

The amazing secret of getting new customers for your business.

A simple method that brought in an extra $xxxxx a week!

8 easy steps that will get you positive media publicity.

How to revive a dead car battery without jumper cables.

Stop ____ without expensive _______.

Quick and easy ______.

Five simple ways to _________.

3 critical questions you must have answered.

How to stop ___________.

The absolute best time to ________.

End your ____________.

How to avoid the 12 biggest advertising mistakes.

How to become a _____ even if you can’t __________.

No more __________.

How to compel people to purchase twice as much as they had planned from you.

How to discover __________.

How to develop successful _____ at low cost, no matter what business you are now in.

What the first job of your _______ is.

The #1 secret of the Hollywood stars to looking young and feeling great.

Why you’re sitting on a gold mine and how to start profitably mining your customer files today.

The little-known secret to using ______ to get dozens and dozens of hot prospective ________ to CALL YOU!

The A-B-C formula for feeling peppy.

The secret of _____________.

The little-known secret of ______________.

The jealously-guarded secret of ______________.

The no-lose way to ____________.

The truth about weight loss.

6 facts you must know about __________.

How to get many more referrals without resorting to nagging or trickery.

An easy way to use patient newsletters that really drives patients into your office like crazy.

A simple technique for _____________.

What every professional must know.

How to avoid the 12 worst advertising mistakes most surgeons make.

What can teach you about __________.

Why almost everyone is wrong about the stock market.

7 low cost/no cost ways to skyrocket your business.

Virtually unknown way to get free advertising in any media you want; newspapers, magazines, TV, or radio.

The correct way to use _______________.

What photographs in brochures are really for.

An easy 3-step system for _______________.

How to quickly and easily create __________, using _______________.

4 elements that must be included in every ad or letter for maximum response.

The 3 magic words to say that brings you an automatic discount of 15%-20% from any supplier.

What you can learn from _________.

The five business don’ts.

18 new ways to get ________________.

How supermodels keep their looks.

New ways to get more out of ______________.

What never to believe in any _____________.

How to make sure you’re not overpaying for _________.

9 ways to slash your ________ costs.

Easy cure for _____________.

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55 Powerful Bullets That Work