A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted

A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted :

A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted. :

This idiom means that people who are not careful with their money spend it quickly.

A Fool at 40 is a Fool Forever :

If someone has not matured by the time they reach forty, they never will.

After All :

Nevertheless when all things are considered

  • Why should you presume that he can do no wrong? After all, he too is a mere mortal.

    After One’s Heart :

    Exactly what one likes or admires.

  • Getting a job after one’s heart is a great achievement.

    After Your Own Heart :

    A person after your own heart thinks the same way as you.

    Against The Clock :

    If you do something against the clock, you are rushed and have very little time to do it.

    Against The Grain :

    If doing something goes against the grain, you’re unwilling to do it. Because it contradicts what you believe in. But you have no real choice.

    Age Before Beauty :

    When this idiom is used, it is a way of allowing an older person to do something first, though often in a slightly sarcastic way.

    Agony Aunt :

    An agony aunt is a newspaper columnist who gives advice to people having problems especially personal ones.

    A Good Day for Ducks :

    The expression is used to describe a rainy day.

  • William Ingraham Russell says, in his novel THE ROMANCE AND TRAGEDY, “Before the day was over, I concluded I was not likely ever to forget that rain makes a fine day for ducks.”

    Ahead of The Pack :

    This means you have made more progress than your rivals.

  • John Wambua, a Kenyan athlete, was far ahead of the pack in the Chennai international half marathon.

    Ahead of Time :

    If something happens ahead of time, it happens early or before the set time.

  • The prices of essential commodities have shot up ahead of time of the budget.

    A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted
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