A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss. :

Arm and A Leg :

If something costs an arm and a leg, it is very expensive.

Armchair Critic :

An armchair critic is someone who offers advice but never shows that they could actually do any better.

Arm-Chair Theory :

Casual statements

  • It is a fashion with our leaders to give out arm-chair theories on economic matters.

    Armed To The Teeth :

    Fully armed

  • The forces of Israel are armed to the teeth to punish the Palestinian guerrillas.

    Arm in Arm :

    Walking like friends with arms linked

  • It was an agreeable surprise to see mutually jealous Mohan and Sohan going arm in arm.

    A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss. :

    People say this to mean that an ambitious person is more successful than a person not trying to achieve anything. Originally it meant the opposite and was critical of people trying to get ahead.

    Around The Clock :

    If something is open around the clock, it is open 24 hours a day.

  • The pharmacy and the coffee shop in the hospital are open around the clock.

    Arrow in The Quiver :

    An arrow in the quiver is a strategy or option that could be used to achieve your objective.

    Article of Faith :

    Staunch belief

  • Social service and economic parity is in article of faith with our prime minister.

    As A Rule :

    If you do something as a rule, then you usually do it.

    As Cold As Ice :

    This idiom can be used to describe a person who does not show any emotion.

  • When Ram embraced Seta, he found her to be as cold as ice.

    As Cold As Stone :

    If something is as cold as stone, it is very cold. If a person is as cold as stone, they are unemotional.

  • Sashi was as cold as stone on looking at the telegram.

    A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.
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