A Specimen Business Letter

A Specimen Business Letter :

This Specimen Letter was written in response - in reply - to a letter written by the sales manager of an organization who is interested in holding a sales convention at the hotel.

Manor House Hotel

Farnham Green,
Tel: 091 8976
Fax: 091 9008
E-mail: manhot@xx.itl

15 January 20..

The Sales Manager,
Melody Modes Ltd.,
Carrham, Upminster UE12.

Your Ref: KPS/C3, Our Ref: Con/13/1

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of 12 January regarding our conference facilities for your sales convention in July this year.

I have pleasure in enclosing our current conference brochure and tariff. You will note that we offer a variety of venues inside the hotel itself for groups of between 20 and 150 people with a choice of catering facilities and with or without accommodation. This year we are also able to arrange functions in marquees in the hotel grounds with a more limited range of catering but again with or without hotel accommodation.

We have two lecture rooms with audiovisual equipment - overhead projectors and video and DVD facilities - which might be of interest to you. There are also product display facilities within the hotel.

If you require all or some of your delegates to be accommodated in the hotel, I recommend early booking as July is one of our peak months. We offer 4-star accommodation, every room with en suite facilities, minibar, television, personal safe, trouser press. We have two restaurants, four bars, a fully equipped gymnasium and an indoor / outdoor swimming pool.

I look forward to hearing from you further and I shall be happy to supply any additional information you might require. You will be very welcome to visit the hotel to see for yourself the facilities we offer.

Yours faithfully,
Hector Manning
General Manager


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