Acknowledgement Letter

The acknowledgement letter is useful to reply to the other person that you received his letter. This is also used to communicate the important information and assure the client that you are in receipt of his/her request or letter or compliant. This letter is used to express your thanks towards a particular person. You can use this letter to recognise the achievements and accomplishments of your client or your supplier or your worker.

On many occasions, you should reply to the other person, who have written letter to you, stating your acknowledgement of what he/she sent to you. Such a move of sending a letter acknowledging the receipt of the letter will position you among the top good-people with whom he/she may want to do business in the long-run.

This letter need not be a reply to a letter from your client or your supplier. As soon as you come to know of the achievements or accomplishments of your clients or your suppliers or your workers, you can write this letter to show your recognition. Such an attitude on your side will strengthen the bonds between you. Such a strong rapport will boost your business in the long term.

Develop the habit of writing a letter acknowledging the receipt of the letter or the parcel or the request or the complaint or whatever the case may be. Such a habit on your side will take you up in your professional ladder.

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