Action Steps to Maximizing Profits

Action Steps to Maximizing Profits :

This chapter is short because there’s not much left to do now except take action. Let’s recap, you’ve found out all about the 3 components of successful direct mail:

How to utilize your house list most effectively, how to get your message delivered and most importantly, how to track and test.

So now here are the quickest and fastest ways to get up and running:

1. Create Your Customer Database

2. Start Internal

A. Reactivate Old Customers

B. Gather testimonials

C. Proactively Stimulate Referrals

D. Keep Making Special Offers To House List (birthday, overstock, introduce new products/services, special event, etc.)

3. Go External

A. Create Qualified Leads or Ask For Initial Orders

B. Follow-up With 2nd Notice

C. Make New Customers Continue To Buy From You

4. Do It Over Again and Again

That’s it. There’s nothing too complicated or difficult that you can’t start right away with your own house list. I hope to hear all about your successes using the Instant Sales Letter Templates and following the advice in this manual.

Please let me know about your progress. Good luck!

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Action Steps to Maximizing Profits
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Action Steps to Maximizing Profits