Active Voice and Passive Voice

Active Voice and Passive Voice :

  1. Mohan_________ (save) some money already. With that money he ____________ (go) to buy a car. The car __________ (deliver) next week.

  2. Everybody __________ (think) so. If I ___________(get) a job, I ____________(not keep) it. Wasserkopt__________(say) so.

  3. All the men and women __________ (come) to the spot. They ___________ (work) feverishly. Soon the hole _______ (repair). By this time more and more people___________ (arrive) as the spot.

  4. It__________ (get) dark and Paul __________(be) lonely and _________ (be) frightened. But he __________ (do) what he ___________ (know) he had to do.

  5. By this time more and more people___________ (arrive) and some of them ___________ (talk) very high of Paul. They all soon ___________ (know) of the heroic thing he _________ (do) and they get up a great cheer.

  6. Today the techniques of Karate ___________ (take) up worldwide. These techniques ______(begin) as peaceful exercise in 520 A.D when an Indian monk Bodhi Dharma ______________ (travel) to China and ___________(found) ABE ZEN sect of Buddhism.

  7. The cell ________ (unlock) by the warden. Abe__________ (smile). They ___________ (see) Abe strange figure. He __________ (be) a man of thirty or so.

  8. When the earth ____________ (cool) all the water vapor in the air___________(condense) into water and probably came down as rain. It must have rained a tremendous lot then. All this water ________ (fill) the great hollows in the earth and so the great oceans and seas __________(form).

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Active Voice and Passive Voice

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