Add News Value in Business Letter

Add News Value in Business Letter :

A WATCH manufacturer, for example, used the idea when he wrote something like this.

“One of the last things that Commodore Peary did before sailing on the expedition that found the Pole was to purchase a watch. Could you imagine a stronger testimonial to the as aperfect time keeper under all climatic conditions?”

There is news, human interest, and an abundance of proof in a reference like that. It makes the letter live primarily, but it carries more conviction as to quality than could volumes of argument.

News of this kind can be pressed into service by any man who sells his goods through letters. Here is the way a retailer with a clever turn of mind made use of a local disaster.

“Dear Mr. Henderson,

“No doubt you read in the Journal Monday that the dwelling house of Mrs. Findlay, on Front Street, was destroyed by fire. The fire was caused by the explosion of a gasoline stove which Mrs. Findlay was using in her work. In attempting to extinguish the flames Mrs. Findlay was badly burned on the face and hands. Everything she owned was destroyed and the loss will reach $2,000.00

“We simply want to say this: that if Mrs. Findlay had had a gas range this would not have happened. A gas range is safer, and much cheaper than gasoline. Now is the time to buy your wife a gas range and make her work a pleasure, and her life secure.”

Accounts of injuries and deaths through accidents can be used to good advantage in accident and life insurance letters. Burglaries, particularly local ones, make strong appeals in letters from locksmiths, hardware dealers, burglary insurance men, and bank and safe deposit men. News items regarding impure water can be made use of by the dealer in filters. There are a thousand opportunities for the retailer, or any other man to make his letters live.

Notice how cleverly this man who wants to sell me a course in mail order work make use of a subject that is on the public mind.

“Congress will ultimately pass the Parcels Post bill and when it does more than five hundred firms will enter the Mail Order field within twenty-four hours. This statement was made recently by the editor of one of the leading newspapers in this country. When that day comes, and it is not far off, there will be in less than a week, more than a thousand positions open to men who have passed the examinations of this course. The mail order spirit is in the air—we can almost feel it. Are you the man to stand idly by and allow the opportunity to learn this business to pass without finding out what the mail order business has in store for you?”

Add News Value in Business Letter