Add News Value in Business Letter

Add News Value in Business Letter :

ON THE other kind of news you will have to be your own reporter. After all, it is simply a matter of telling your man something about your goods that is of newsy interest to him. It may be a new model you are putting on the market, a new service you can give the dealer or the user. Again it may be simply advice as to coming fashions or a suggestion as to the best method of handling certain goods. If it is given the news turn it gets the interest.

Here, for instance, is a newsy letter from a fork manufacturer to a retailer. It is good because it gives him an idea that he probably has not thought of before and best of all, it has practical value.

“Dear Mr. Dealer,

“When business is slow, and you have some time on your hands one of these warm days, wouldn’t it pay you to telephone every coal dealer in your town, and try to get his order for coal and coke forks?

“Next season’s supply of fuel will be largely delivered to residences during the remainder of the summer, and the haulers will need forks.

“Here is our heavy goods catalogue, showing all patterns and sizes. Please write us if you jobber cannot supply you with whatever you want.”

For the retailer who uses the mails to keep in touch with his customers or for the manufacturer or wholesaler following up his trade, this is the kind of news that counts most. You need not go far to find it. Pick it out of your every day work or your trade paper. Every housewife wants to know what the store has new that she can use. She is glad when a Montana grocer writes her this.

“The first shipment of that delicious white plume celery arrived by express today from Kalamazoo, and although it came a long way, it is just as crisp and fresh as when it left the Celery City.

Just call up 72 and we’ll send over as much as you want at ten cents a bunch.”

Advance notices of coming styles are especially good news items for the lady customer, and if she gets them in a letter she will be far more impressed with the store that writes her than she ever would through reading them in its newspaper advertising.

One store managed this matter very effectively by sending a list of names of lady customers to its Paris buyer and having style letters sent from there direct. The novelty of getting those personal letters from abroad combined with the actual news value brought results.

Add News Value in Business Letter