Add News Value in Business Letter

Add News Value in Business Letter :

THERE is one impression that you want your letter invariably to give - you want it to appear as a “today” product, a strictly live, up-to-the-minute communication from one man to another. And there is one way that you can give it this liveliness better than any other - give it news value.

What the world wants and has wanted since the beginning is news. The business world is no exception. If you can tell a man something new, particularly something that has a relation to his business, you can get his attention and interest. Put the information into your letter, give it a sales twist and you can make of it a correspondence asset.

News as used in sales correspondence is of two kinds. You can take some live public topic - a good piece of newspaper news that you know must be familiar to the man addressed, and give it an application that will boost your own goods. That’s one brand of sales letter news and it makes your paper talk bristle with up-to-dateness.

Or you can tell your prospect something that is primarily of interest to him and to you. Ordinarily such news is pretty close to your own proposition - it is news that originates with you or with your trade, and it scores because when you approach a man tactfully about his business you touch a responsive chord.

The sources of news that you can use are limited only by the keenness of your eyesight and ingenuity.

The first kind you will naturally draw mostly from daily and trade publications.

Add News Value in Business Letter