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Dear _____________,

Sunshine Day Care is proud to have cared for all three of your children. Each is a delight to our staff and we hope you continue to use our service for many years. Due to your long relationship with Sunshine Day Care, we would like to ask a favor of you and your children.

We are beginning a new advertising campaign in which we will feature families who have used our services for an extended period of time. The Sharma family was one of our first choices. The project would take one full day and consist of several photographs, as well as a 30-second commercial featuring you and your children at our facility.

We understand we are asking a great deal from your family; however, we would appreciate your cooperation in this endeavor. If you are interested, please call Mary at (0719) 6555-8392. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

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Advice Letter