Air Waybill for Letter of Credit

Air Waybill for Letter of Credit :

An air waybill is a receipt issued by an air carrier indicating receipt of goods to be transported by air and showing goods consigned to a named party. Being a non-negotiable receipt it is not a document of title.


Only the goods invoiced and specified in the letter of credit may be covered by the air waybill.

If the letter of credit stipulates that freight is to be prepaid; or if the invoice is priced CIF or CFR; or if freight is otherwise included in the invoice: the air waybill must indicate that freight has been paid.

The airport of departure and airport of destination must be as stipulated in the letter of credit.

The number of packages and gross weight shown on the air waybill must be consistent with the other documents.

An air waybill issued by a forwarder is not acceptable.

Air Waybill for Letter of Credit