Application Letter Writing Tips

Application Letter Writing Tips :

TIP 1 :

Make sure you observe business letter writing conventions – left hand justified, open punctuation, clear, concise, readable – and of course, NO spelling or grammar errors! This is a formal letter, whether you know the person you are writing to or not, so make sure it reflects positively on you as a professional.

TIP 2 :

Personalise your letter as much as possible. Find out the name and position of the person to send it to, and research the organisation so you can tell them why you want to work for them. This is great preparation for when you (hopefully!) get invited to an interview.

TIP 3 :

Get feedback from an independent person. Fresh eyes will find mistakes you overlooked because of your familiarity with the content of your letter. Remember you can email your draft applications to Careers and Employment for feedback.

TIP 4 :

Make sure you tailor each application letter to the specific organisation. This makes you stand out from other applications as it indicates that your job search is a targeted approach, rather than sending the same generic letter to 50 employers.

TIP 5 :

Keep your application letter to one page maximum. Aim for three to four paragraphs of concise, easy to read text.

TIP 6 :

Make sure you address any key requirements if you are responding to an advertisement. Selection criteria require a separate response in addition to your letter.

TIP 7 :

“Apply in writing” doesn’t usually mean a handwritten letter. Employers generally require typed hard copy or electronic (email or online) applications. Be guided by what the employer is asking for, and make sure you respond to selection criteria if requested. If it’s not clear what is required, contact the person mentioned in the advertisement to clarify.

Application Letter Writing Tips