Approaches to Adopt for Speculative Letters

Approaches to Adopt for Speculative Letters :

Where you know the employer hires graduates :

If the employer you are targeting hires graduates regularly, you should indicate that you are ‘seeking employment’ with them.

Where you are unsure if the employer hire graduates :

If you are UNSURE how often the employer hires graduates, do not indicate you are seeking employment. This singular approach may close the door.

Indicate that you are (more broadly) seeking advice about graduate opportunities.

Indicate that you are seeking information about the industry, career paths for employees, training opportunities, new developments, or areas of special interest to you.

This will benefit your career planning, give you valuable contacts and provide an opportunity to network and to obtain other employer referrals.

This will allow you to impress the employer with your initiative, knowledge and professionalism so that the employer will think of you when a future job vacancy occurs.

You could also indicate that you are willing to undertake voluntary work, casual work or contract work. Not ‘work experience’.

You could also indicate that you are seeking vacation employment.

You could also indicate that you are undertaking a university project and interested in its application to a particular organization or industry area.

Personalize your letter :

In every instance find out whom you should send the letter to. This ensures you have a follow-up contact.

Include an action plan at the closure of your letter.

Do not expect an employer to contact you. In your letter state that you will make a follow-up telephone call to arrange a brief interview. Give a time-frame for undertaking this.

For example :

I will telephone you within the next ten days to arrange a brief interview with you or another suitable person. Thank you for giving my letter time and consideration.

Include study, work, personal qualities and transferable skills information.

If you cannot access information on what qualities, skills, and experience a company seeks in graduates, refer to your university studies and work experience. Focus on the personal qualities and skills which research shows employers seek in graduates.

Approaches to Adopt for Speculative Letters