As Neat As A New Pin

As Neat As A New Pin :

As Much Use As A Hand-Brake on A Canoe :

This idiom is used to describe someone or something as worthless or pointless.

As Neat As A New Pin :

This idiom meant tidy and clean

As One Man :

If people do something as one man, then they do it at exactly the same time or in complete agreement.

A Sorry Sight :

A sight which is regrettable and unwelcome aspect or feature

  • At the accident spot, it was a sorry sight to see the young couple in a pool of blood.

    A Steal : If something is a steal, it costs much less than it is really worth.

  • During off season shopkeepers sell their wares for a steal.

    As The Actress Said To The Bishop :

    This idiom is used to highlight a sexual reference, deliberate or accidental.

    As The Crow Flies :

    This idiom is used to describe the shortest possible distance between two places.

  • It is hardly two kilometres from the airport to my house as the crow flies.

    A Still Tongue Keeps A Wise Head. :

    Wise people do not talk much.

    A Street Arab :

    An uncared for child in a large city

  • I don’t think the state is doing much for the betterment of our street Arabs.

    As You Sow So Shall You Reap :

    This means that if you do bad things to people, bad things will happen to you or if you do good things to others, good things will happen to you.

    At A Drop of A Dime :

    If someone will do something at the drop of a dime, they will do it instantly without hesitation.

    At A Loose End :

    If you are at a loose end, you have spare time but don’t know what to do with it.

    As Neat As A New Pin
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