Assertive Sentence to Indirect Speech

Assertive Sentence to Indirect Speech :

Here are few sets of sentences with Direct Sentence and Indirect Sentence in each set.

  1. Pinky says, “I love my country”. (Direct Speech)

    Pinky says that she loves her country. (Indirect Speech)

  2. Rajesh said, “The sun rises in the east”. (Direct Speech)

    Rajesh said the sun rises in the east. (Indirect Speech)

  3. Varun said to Ganesh, “I have bought a new work.” (Direct Speech)

    Varun told Ganesh that he had bought a new work. (Indirect Speech)

  4. Selvi said to Mahesh, “I shall take this pen.” (Direct Speech)

    Selvi told Mahesh that she would take that pen.” (Indirect Speech)

  5. He said, “I sing my song.” (Direct Speech)

    He said that he sang his song. (Indirect Speech)

  6. Murugan said, “I am playing table tennis.” (Direct Speech)

    Murugan said that he was playing table tennis. (Indirect Speech)

  7. They said, “They will bring the TV here.” (Direct Speech)

    They said that they would bring the TV there. (Indirect Speech)

  8. The prince said to the hermit, “I know your powers very well”. (Direct Speech)

    The prince told the hermit that he knew his powers very well. (Indirect Speech)

  9. He said to me, “you are wrong.” (Direct Speech)

    He told me that I was wrong. (Indirect Speech)

  10. I say, “I will do the job”. (Direct Speech)

    I say that I will do the job. (Indirect Speech)

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Assertive Sentence to Indirect Speech