At The Top of Your Voice

At The Top of Your Voice :

At The Top of The List :

If something is at the top of the list, it is of highest priority, most important, most urgent or the next in one’s line of attention.

At The Top of Your Lungs :

If you shout at the top of your lungs, you shout as loudly as you possibly can.

At The Top of Your Voice :

If you talk, shout or sing at the top of your voice, do it as loudly as you can.

At Your Wit’s End :

If you are at your wit’s end, you really do not know what you should do about something, no mater how hard you think about it.

  • When Ravi was pestered by his children asking him to take them on a picnic, he was at his wit’s end.

    Avail Of :

    To take benefit of

  • India must avail herself of this opportunity to crush Mizo rebels.

    Average Joe :

    An average Joe is an ordinary person without anything exceptional about them.

    Averse To :

    Having disliked for

  • Indian foreign policy is averse to the concept of defence pacts.

    Avowed Intent :

    If someone makes a solemn promise publicly to attempt to reach a certain goal, this is their avowed intent.

  • Ram has an avowed intent to make his son a civil servant.

    A Watched Pot Never Boils :

    Something work out in their own time, so being impatient and constantly checking will just make things seem longer.

    Away With The Fairies :

    If someone is away with the fairies, they do not face reality and have unrealistic expectations of life.

    Awe Inspiring :

    Something or someone that is awe inspiring amazes people in a slightly frightening but positive way.

    AWOL :

    AWOL stands for Absent Without Leave or Absent Without Official Leave. Originally a military term, it is used when someone has gone missing without telling anyone or asking for permission.

    Axe to Grind :

    If you have an axe to grind with someone or about something, you have a grievance, resentment and you want to get revenge or sort it out.

    At The Top of Your Voice
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