Backroom Boy

Backroom Boy :

Bade in Arms :

A babe in arms is a very young child or a person who is very young to be holding a position.

Babe in The Woods :

A babe in the woods is a naïve, defenceless, young person.

  • Sarita was a babe in the woods when the population was growing very fast.

    Baby Boomer :

    A baby boomer is someone born in the years after the end of the Second World War a period when the population was growing very fast.

    Back Burner :

    If an issue is on the back burner, it is being given low priority.

  • The issue of drinking water is on the back burner in the council meeting.

    Back Foot :

    If you are on your back foot, you are at a disadvantage and forced to be defensive of your position.

    Back Number :

    Something that is a back number is dated or out of fashion.

  • I have asked the publishers to send me the back numbers of the journal.

    Backroom Boy :

    A person who works in anonymity in an organization while others take on more public roles

  • The heroes and heroines are adored by many. But how many of us know of the backroom boys who toil to present these artistes in all glamour?

    Back-Seat Driver :

    Someone who criticises from the sidelines

    A back-seat driver is an annoying person who is fond of giving advice to the person performing a task or doing something especially when the advice is either wrong or unwelcome.

    Back The Wrong Horse :

    If you back the wrong horse, you give your support to the losing side in something.

    Back To Back :

    If things happen back to back, they are directly one after another.

    Back to Square One :

    The expression implies that one is back to the beginning or to start again.

  • If you are back to square one, you have to start from the beginning again.

    Back To The Drawing Board :

    If you have to go back to the drawing board, you have to go back to the beginning and start something again.

    Backroom Boy
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