Banana Republic

Banana Republic :

Bag of Bones :

If someone is a bag of bones, he or she is very underweight.

Bag of Nerves :

If someone is a bag of nerves, he or she is very worried or nervous.

  • Mythili is a bag of nerves. Convey the news of her father’s demise carefully to her.

    Baker’s Dozen :

    A baker’s dozen is 13 rather than 12.

    Bald As A Coot :

    A person who is completely bald is called bald as a coot.

    Ball is in One’s Court. :

    If the ball is in your court, it is up to you to make the next decision or step.

  • “Accept the transfer order or quit the job. The ball is in your court,” said the manager.

    Ballpark Figure :

    A ballpark figure is a rough or approximate number to give a general idea of something like a rough estimate for a cost.

    Banana Republic :

    Banana republic is a term used for small countries that are dependent on a single crop or resource and governed badly by corrupt elite.

    Banana Skin :

    A banana skin is something that is an embarrassment or caused problems.

    Bandit Territory :

    An area or an industry or profession where rules and laws are ignored or flouted is bandit territory.

    Baptism of Fire :

    A baptism of fire was a soldier’s first experience of shooting. Any unpleasant experience undergone, usually where it is also a learning experience, is a baptism of fire.

    Bar Fly :

    A bar fly is a person who spends a lot of time drinking in different bars and pubs.

    Bare Your Heart :

    If you bare your heart to someone, you tell them you personal and private feelings.

  • “Bear your heart to me. I shall stand by you at all odds.” Ravi told Ram.

    Banana Republic
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