Bank Letters

Bank Letters :

All businesses are doing financial transactions with banks. Business without Bank is a myth heareafter. So, having business correspondence with banks is inevitable hereafter. We have to learn the business nuances of drafting letters to banks. Here are many such letters which bring into afftect all the typical circumstances in which we have to do letter-correspondence with banks. From the first point of opening a business to the level of expanding the business to the international level, we have to seek the help of the bank. Banks do not only the role of financing our business operations but also the role of transforming our money to our customers and our workers. With the help of online transaction, we have to run our business. Here you will get all soprts of help in the matter of letter-transactions with banks.

  1. Letter Informing A Customer of His Overdrafting
  2. Letter Asking The Bank for Statement of Accounts
  3. Letter Returning A Dishonoured Cheque
  4. Letter Informing A Customer of Return of His Cheque
  5. Letter Informing A Customer of His Keeping Insufficient Funds
  6. Letter Requesting A Customer to Close His Account
  7. Letter to A Customer Enquiring About Opening An Account
  8. Letter Acknowledging Instructions by A Customer
  9. Letter Asking A Customer to Seek Overdraft Arrangements
  10. Letter to A Customer Regretting Inability to Grant Overdrafts
  11. Letter for Transfer of An Account To Another Branch
  12. Letter Requesting A Customer to Call at Another Branch to Sign Documents
  13. Letter to Another Branch Enclosing Documents for Signature by A Customer
  14. Letter to Another Branch Sending Signed Documents
  15. Letter to Another Branch Acknowledging Documents
  16. Letter to A Customer Seeking Advice on Investments
  17. Letter to A Customer Seeking Advice on Purchase of Shares in Banks
  18. Letter Introducing a Customer to An Agent Abroad
  19. Letter to A Property Dealer Requesting Him to Find Out A Suitable Accommodation
  20. Letter to A Firm Offering Sublet of Rooms
  21. Letter to A Customer Protesting Against The Charges
  22. Letter to A Customer Whose Cheque Has Been Dishonoured Through Oversight
  23. Letter to A Customer Who Threatens to Close His Account
  24. Letter of Apology to The Customer Who Has Protested Against Erroneous Intimations of Overdraft
  25. Letter of Apology to The Customer after Discovery of Mistake
  26. Letter to A Customer Requesting Him to Open An Account
  27. Letter Replying To A Customer Who Seeks Informatin for Overdraft Facilities
  28. Letter Asking Secretary of A Company to Supply Particulars for Opening Account
  29. Letter Informing A Customer That He Has Issued A Cheque in Excess of Credit on Current Account
  30. Letter to a Customer Who Endorses His Companys Cheques to His Personal Account
  31. Letters to Bank to open a Savings Bank Account
  32. Letters to Bank to open a Current Account
  33. Letters to Bank to intimate the change of signatories
  34. Letters to Bank requesting not to honor a Cheque
  35. Letters to Bank requesting to intimate customer
  36. Letters to Bank pointing out the mistake in the bank statements
  37. Letters to Bank seeking overdraft facility
  38. Letters from Bank pointing our overdue amount
  39. Letters to Bank requesting to extend the period of fixed-deposit
  40. Letters to Bank seeking educational loan
  41. Here is another Set of Bank Letters.
  42. Letters for Bank Transactions

Bank Letters