Basics of Business Letters

Knowledge of the Basics of Business Letters will make you communicate effectively. Ineffective communication will result is loss of customer or decline in business. There are many medium to convey our thoughts. Whether we use a typewrite or a word processor or facsimile machine or internet for email, the letter should incorporate the basics first of all. The medium is of little importance when the message is conveyed ineffectively, because any effective letter should be written only a human being, not by a machine. So, first of all let us learn those basics of business letters which make the letters readworthy and trustworthy. By becoming accustomed to these basics, you do justice to your writing skills and you position yourself among the rare group of people who have learned the tricks of getting things done by writing effectively.

Basics :

1. Paper and Envelope Sizes

2. Folding The Letter

3. Fonts

Some other points to remember while writing a letter :

1. Know what you have to say

2. Be brief but clear

3. Be accurate with your facts and figures

4. Use simple straightforward language

Read all these basics and points in a single page.

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