Beg The Question

Beg The Question :

Bedroom Eyes :

Someone with bedroom eyes has a sexy look in their eyes.

  • Many persons crave to dare Radha. She is amorous in her bedroom eyes.

    Bee in His Bonnet :

    IF someone is very excited about something, they have a bee in their bonnet.

    Bee’s Knees :

    If something is the bee’s knees, it is outstanding in its class.

    Beeline For :

    If you make a beeline for a place, you head there directly.

  • All the pilgrims were on a beeline for taking a dip in the Ganges.

    Been in The Wars :

    If someone has been in the wars, they have been hurt or look as if they have been in a struggle.

    Been There Done That :

    People say this when they have already experienced what is being discussed.

    Beer and Skittles :

    People say that life is not all beer and skittles meaning that it is not about self-indulgence and pleasure.

    Before The Ink is Dry :

    If people make an agreement or contract and then the situation changes very quickly, it changes before the ink is dry.

    Before You Can Say Jack Robinson :

    The term Jack Robinson represents a short amount of time. When you do something before you can say Jack Robinson, you do it very quickly.

    Beg The Question :

    In philosophy TO BEG THE QUESTION is to assume something to be true that has not yet been proved. I have seen the idiom also to mean that a question is crying out to be asked.

    Beggars Cannot Be Choosers. :

    This idiom means that people who are in great need must accept any help that is offered even if it is not a complete solution to their problems.

    Behind Bars :

    When someone is behind bars, they are in prison.

    Beg The Question
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