Blow By Blow

Blow By Blow :

Blood is Thicker Than Water. :

This idiom means that family relationships are stronger than others.

Blood is Worth Bottling. :

If any person says to you YOUR BLOOD IS WORTH BOTTLING, he or she is complementing or praising you for doing something or being someone very special.

Blood Out of A Stone :

If something is like getting blood out of a stone, it is very difficult indeed.

Blood, Sweat and Tears :

If something will take blood, sweat and tears, it will be very difficult and will require a lot of effort and sacrifice.

Blow A Gasket :

If you blow a gasket, you get very angry.

  • When Ganesh saw the new gold bracelet his wife had purchased, he blew a gasket.

    Blow By Blow :

    A blow-by-blow description gives every detail in sequence.

  • Tell me blow by blow about your endeavours.

    Blow Hot and Cold :

    If you blow hot and cold on an idea, your attitude and opinion keeps changing. One minute you are in favour of it. The next minute you are against.

    Blow Me Down :

    One may exclaim BLOW ME DOWN when you have just told him or her something surprising, shocking or unexpected.

    Blow Off Steam :

    If you bow off steam, you express your anger or frustration.

  • When the manager did not sanction him leave, Mahesh blew off the steam.

    Blow Out of The Water :

    If something like an idea is blown out of the water, it is destroyed or defeated comprehensively.

    Blow Smoke :

    If people blow smoke, they exaggerate or say things that are not true usually to make themselves look better.

    Blow The Cobwebs Away :

    If you blow the cobwebs away, you make sweeping changes to something to bring fresh views and ideas in.

    Blow By Blow
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