Blow Your Top.

Blow Your Top. :

Blow The Whistle. :

If somebody blows the whistle on a plan, they report it to the authorities.

Blow Your Mind. :

Something that will blow your mind is something extraordinary that will amaze you beyond explanation.

Blow Your Own Horn. :

If you blow your own horn, you boast about your achievements and abilities.

  • His-habit of blowing his own horn made the neighbours despise Gurunathan.

    Blow Your Own Trumpet. :

    If someone blows their own trumpet, they boast about their talents and achievements.

    Blow Your Stack. :

    If you blow your stack, you lose your temper.

    Blow Your Top. :

    If someone blows their top, they lose their temper.

    Blue Blood :

    Someone with blue blood is royal person.

  • Ravi does not hail from an ordinary family. Blue blood flows in his veins.

    Blue-Eyed Boy :

    Someone’s blue-eyed boy is their favourite person.

  • Many girls adore Shahrukh as their blue-eyed boy.

    Bob is Your Uncle. :

    This idiom means that something will be successful.

  • Just tell him that I gave you his name and bob is your uncle, he will help you.

    Body Politic :

    A group of people organized under a single government or authority (national or regional) is a body politic.

    Bold As Brass :

    Someone who is as bold as brass is very confident and not worried about how other people will respond or about being caught.

    Bolt from The Blue :

    If something happens unexpectedly and suddenly, it is a bolt form the blue.

  • The salary raise to me in the third month of my appointment was a bolt from the blue.

    Blow Your Top.
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