Body of The Letter

Parts of A Business Letter

Body of The Letter is the central part of the letter. That is why this is called body of the letter. This part fulfils the purpose of the letter. The main purpose of your letter may be acknowledgement, acceptance, order, command, apology, appreciation, congratulation, demand, felicitation, inquiry, request, reply, reminder, complaint, recognition, proposal, resignation, thanking, warning and welcome.

Be concise, clear and up to the point. Never beat around the bush. The person to whom you are writing this letter may not have time to read your letter, if you write a lengthy letter. In order to make your letter effective, make your letter as short as possible.

In case the subject matter of the letter happens to be lengthy, break it into few short paragraphs. Lengthy paragraphs are hard to read. Short ones are easier for reading.

If possible, complete your letter within one page. In case, the letter demands more than one page, the new page should be begun with a new paragraph. A new page with only one or two sentence may look awkward for the addressee.

Use P.T.O. (please Turn Over) or Continued in next page at the bottom of the previous page to indicate there is another page as the continuation of this page. The next page should start with -Page 2 - to indicate that this is the second page of the number.

In case there are more pages in your letter, each page should be numbered.

Parts of A Business Letter

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