Broken Record

Broken Record :

Bring A Knife To A Gunfight :

If someone brings a knife to a gunfight, they are very badly prepared for something.

Bring Home The Bacon :

A person who brings home the bacon earns the money that a family live on.

Bring On Board :

To make people embrace the ideas intended by the leader or agree to join a team or project is to bring them on board.

Bring Someone To Book :

If somebody is brought to book, he is punished or made to account for something they have done wrong.

Bring Someone To Heel :

If you bring someone to heel, you make them obey you.

  • Our principal was good at bringing the truants to heel.

    Bring The House Down :

    Something that brings the house down is acclaimed and praised vigorously.

    Bring To The Table :

    If you bring something to the table, you make a contribution or an offer in a discussion or negotiation.

    Broad Church :

    If an organization is described as broad church, it is tolerant and accepting of different opinions and ideas.

    Broad Strokes :

    If something is described or defined with broad stokes, then only an outline is given, without fine details.

    Broke As A Joke and It is Not Funny :

    This idiom describes how it is not funny to be without a cent and just uses broke and joke as rhyming words that help explain this idiom a lot better.

    Broken Record :

    When someone sounds like a broken record, they keep on repeating the same things.

    Brown Nose :

    When someone tries to make themselves popular with somebody, usually in a position of authority, especially by flattering them, they are brown nosing.

    Broken Record
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