Build up your own vocabulary list.

Build up your own vocabulary list. :

A good way to help you remember and increase your knowledge of English words - their spellings and their meanings - is to keep a list of your own.

For example…

As you read on, write down a word that you are unsure of. Look up the word in the dictionary and write the meaning next to the word in your list.

This act will help you to remember the word and its meaning. Next, reread the sentence in which the word appears, remembering its meaning.

If you take the time to do this, your knowledge of words and their meanings will increase very quickly. You can then look at the list you have made and use it as revision for all the new words you have learned.

Perhaps next time you come across the same word, you will remember its meaning without having to look in the dictionary. Perhaps you will be able to use that word in writing your own letters.

Learning to use the dictionary might take a little time. But it is time well spent. The act of looking up a word in your dictionary and writing it out as suggested earlier will fix the spelling and meaning of the word in your memory.

A wide and varied vocabulary and knowledge of the correct spellings are very valuable in writing letters, in answering Test and Examination Exercises and in many other ways.

Make a start with any words which are new to you. Do NOT simply ignore words you are unfamiliar with as if you do so you will not benefit fully from your studies.

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