Bull-Headed :

Browned Off :

To be tired of or fed up with

  • Most of the candidates felt browned off after the arduous examination.

    Brownie Points :

    If you try to earn brownie points with someone, you do things you know will please them.

  • Vasantha had the alacrity to earn brownie points from her boss.

    Brush Under The Carpet :

    If you brush something under the carpet, you are making an attempt to ignore it or hide it from others.

    Buggles’ Turn :

    If it is buggles’ turn, someone gets promotion through length of service rather than ability, especially in the British Civil Service.

    Bull in A China Shop:

    If someone behaves like a bull in a china shop, they are clumsy when they should be careful.

    Bull Market :

    A bull market is a period when investors are optimistic and there are expectations that good financial results will continue.

    Bull Session :

    If you have a bull session, you have an informal group discussion about something.

    Bull-Headed :

    If you are a bull-headed, you are stubborn or inflexible.

    Bums On Seats :

    Those who have paid to watch a performance are buns on seats.

    Bun in The Oven :

    If a woman has a bun in the oven, she is pregnant.

    Bundle of Nerves :

    Someone who is a bundle of nerves is very worried or nervous.

    Burn Under My Saddle :

    A burn under your saddle is something that annoys you or spurs you into action.

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