Bullets :

Bullets are one of the most powerful persuaders in a sales letter.

You’ll see companies like Bottom Line or FC&A use bullets for nearly their entire sales letter. And that’s because bullets work!

Bullets are almost like mini-headlines. So the same rules apply. I’ve given you 55 templates you can use for your own product or service.

If I’ve underlined a word or phrase that means you can just substitute that with what makes sense for your offer.

Bullets arouse curiosity. I just love the way bullets compel people to find out more…

And they really drive people’s desire sky high for your product or service. One bullet that somebody desperately wants to find out is often responsible for them buying a product or service.

Pay attention to these bullet templates and use them in your next sales letter, press release, packaging, etc. Also, one of my favorite uses of bullets is to describe a free report.

Remember, you can easily produce a quick free report to give away as a lead generator or as a free bonus with the purchase of your existing product or service.

Okay, now here are the bullet templates:

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