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Business Dictionary :

This page on Business Dictionary contains various terms which are used in the Business World. We have taken all our efforts to collect all these terms and their meanings from various sources. Best care has been given to verify their meanings since our viewers are tended to use these terms based upon the meaning(s) given in these pages. If you find any discrepancy in our recordings, you are advised to carry on that to our attention so that we will stand corrected. Your contribution of new words will also be duly acknowledged. Since creating a business dictionary is an on-going process, we request you to bear with us till this page is properly arranged. We have arranged the words in the alphabetical order by allotting one page for each letter in the alphabet. All derivatives of a term have been given with suitable examples.

Here are the Business Words which are beginning with B.

  1. Background Check
  2. Background Noise
  3. Background Processing
  4. Back Haul
  5. Backlog
  6. Back Pay
  7. Back Up
  8. Backup Copy
  9. Backup System
  10. Backward Compatibility
  11. Bad Debt
  12. Bait and Switch
  13. Balance Sheet
  14. Balloon Payment
  15. Bankrupt
  16. Bankruptcy
  17. Bar Chart
  18. Bar Code
  19. Bargaining Agent
  20. Bargaining Unit
  21. Base Pay
  22. BASIC
  23. Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  24. Basis
  25. Batch
  26. Batch Command
  27. Batch File
  28. Batch Processing
  29. Baud
  30. BBS
  31. Bulletin Board Service
  32. Before Tax
  33. Benefit
  34. Biannual
  35. Bid Bond
  36. Bi-Directional Printer
  37. Biennial
  38. Billing Cycle
  39. Bill of Lading
  40. Bimonthly
  41. Binary Code
  42. Binary Digit
  43. Binary Logic
  44. Binary System
  45. Binder
  46. Binding Arbitration
  47. BIOS
  48. Basic Input Output System
  49. Bit
  50. Bit Mapping
  51. BL
  52. Blacklist
  53. Bleed
  54. Blister Pack
  55. Block
  56. Block Command
  57. Blue Collar
  58. Blue Laws
  59. Blue Pencil
  60. Blueprint
  61. Board of Directors
  62. Boilerplate
  63. Bomb
  64. Bond
  65. Book
  66. Book Keeper
  67. Book Mark
  68. Books
  69. Book Value
  70. Boolean Algebra
  71. Boot
  72. Bootleg Software
  73. Bootstrap
  74. Bottom Line
  75. Boycott
  76. Brainstorming
  77. Branch - 1
  78. Branch - 2
  79. Branch Office
  80. Brand
  81. Brand Loyalty
  82. Brand Manager
  83. Brand Name
  84. BRC
  85. Business Reply Card
  86. Breach
  87. Breach of Contract
  88. Breach of Promise
  89. Breach of Trust
  90. Break Even Analysis
  91. Break-Even Point
  92. BRE
  93. Business Reply Envelope
  94. Budget
  95. Buffer
  96. Bug
  97. Building Code
  98. Building Permit
  99. Bundled
  100. Burden of Proof
  101. Bus
  102. Business
  103. Business Cycle
  104. Business Ethics
  105. Business Etiquette
  106. Business Interruption Insurance
  107. Buyback
  108. Buyers Market
  109. Buy In
  110. Buy Out
  111. Buy and Sell Agreement
  112. Buzz Words
  113. By-Product
  114. Byte
  115. By The Book

Business Dictionary

Letter Asking A Donation
Letter Asking A Favor
Letter Asking for More Details
Letter Asking for Donations
Letter Denying of Dealership
Letter for Change of Address
Letter for Distributorship
Letter for Employment
Letter for Hotel Reservation
Letter for Letter of Credit
Letter for Line of Credit
Letter for Product Launch
Letter for Promotion
Letter for Retirement Congrats
Letter for Scholarship
Letter for Settlement of Bill
Letter for Tender
Letter for Testimonial
Letter of Agreement
Letter of Assurance
Letter of Credit
Letter of Enquiry
Letter of Order
Letter of Persuasion
Letter of Sympathy
Letter Offering Discount
Letter Related to Advertisement
Letter Related to Despatch
Letter Related to Training
Letter to A Foreign Buyer
Letter to Pen-Friend
Letter to Police
Letter with Order
Letter with Quotation
Letter Writing
Letters about Company Shares
Letters by Clubs and Societies
Letters by Landlords & Tenants
Letters for Appointment of Dealers
Letters for Business Relations
Letters for Buying and Selling
Letters for Credit & Collection
Letters for Foreign Travel
Letters for Lease & Tenancy
Letters for Loan & Borrowing
Letters for Transfer & Assignment
Letters for Insurance
Letters Noting Discrepancy
Letters of Condolence & Sorrow
Letters of Regret
Letters Regarding Maintenance
Letters Regarding Payment
Letters Related to Employees
Letters to Local Corporation
Letters to Postal Authorities
Letters to The Editor
Letters Used in Real Estate
Letters With Postal Department
Letters With Railways Authorities

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