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Business English Idioms and Phrases beginning with B :

The English language is fast emerging as the most effective universal medium of communication. To be a part of the global quest for personal and academic excellence, to be an efficient component of this highly competitive global environment, you need the ability to speak your mind freely, effectively, fluently and confidently. If you lack these skills, you could be losing out on a lot more than you think!

Regardless of the language that you are trying to learn, connecting the way words sound with how they look on paper is a difficult task. Because the pronunciation rules for English are not consistent, you may often come to points where you will have a difficult time determining how to say things correctly.

It is also important to realize that the English has accents and dialects like any other language. As a result, you may feel confused when you are told to pronounce a word in a certain way, only to hear it spoken in a different way by someone else. Nevertheless, there are still a number of methods that you can use to develop your English speaking skills.

Learning English is easier if you have a sound knowledge of the idiomatic expressions in English. Idioms are a very important aspect of any language. Idioms and phrases can be formed in many ways. Consider the idiomatic phrase TAKE ONE’S HAT OFF. The expression means to admire or respect someone.

For example :

He always works so hard on is English, you have to take your hat off to him.

Similarly, the word MAN has been used to form many idioms. The parts of the body have been used to form numerous idioms. The names of various animals and various objects have also been used to form idioms.

Events and stories from Theology, History, Geography, Science, Mythology, Legend, Romance, Economics, Linguistics, Medicine, Law, Politics, Current Events, Sports, Mathematics, Biology, Philosophy and other subjects have been used in order to create this interesting branch of English Idioms and Phrases.

Not every item in this page is an idiom. Collocations, common sayings, proverbs and interesting expressions have all been embodied here.

The aim is to help the student in every way possible to use English in an impressive and colourful manner.

  1. Bade in Arms
  2. Babe in The Woods
  3. Baby Boomer
  4. Back Burner
  5. Back Foot
  6. Back Number
  7. Backroom Boy
  8. Back-Seat Driver
  9. Back The Wrong Horse
  10. Back To Back
  11. Back to Square One
  12. Back To The Drawing Board
  13. Back To The Salt Mine
  14. Back To The Wall
  15. Bad Apple
  16. Bad Blood
  17. Bad Books
  18. Bad Egg
  19. Bad Hair Day
  20. Bad Mouth
  21. Bad Shape
  22. Bad Taste in You Mouth
  23. Bad Workers Always Blame Their Tools.
  24. Bad and Baggage
  25. Bag of Bones
  26. Bag of Nerves
  27. Baker's Dozen
  28. Bald As A Coot
  29. Ball is in One's Court.
  30. Ballpark Figure
  31. Banana Republic
  32. Banana Skin
  33. Bandit Territory
  34. Baptism of Fire
  35. Bar Fly
  36. Bare Your Heart
  37. Barefaced Liar
  38. Bark is Worse Than Their Bite.
  39. Barking Up The Wrong Tree
  40. Barkus is Willing.
  41. Barrack-Room Lawyer
  42. Barrel of Laughs
  43. Basket Case
  44. Bad An Eyelid
  45. Bated Breath
  46. Bats in The Bell Fry
  47. Batten Down The Hatches.
  48. Battle of Nerves
  49. Be All Ears.
  50. Be Careful What You Wish For.
  51. Be on The Pig's Back.
  52. Be Out in Force.
  53. Be Out in Left Field.
  54. Be That As It May.
  55. Be True Blue.
  56. Be Up The Spout.
  57. Bean Counter
  58. Bear Fruit
  59. Bear Market
  60. Bear The Brunt
  61. Beard The Lion in His Own Den.
  62. Beat About The Bush.
  63. Beat Someone To The Draw.
  64. Beat Swords Into Ploughshares.
  65. Beat The Daylight Out Of Someone.
  66. Beat The Rap.
  67. Beat To The Punch.
  68. Beat Your Brains Out.
  69. Beating A Dead Horse
  70. Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder.
  71. Beauty is Only Skin Deep.
  72. Beck and Call
  73. Bedroom Eyes
  74. Bee in His Bonnet
  75. Bee’s Knees
  76. Beeline For
  77. Been in The Wars
  78. Been There Done That
  79. Beer and Skittles
  80. Before The Ink is Dry
  81. Before You Can Say Jack Robinson
  82. Beg The Question
  83. Beggars Cannot Be Choosers.
  84. Behind Bars
  85. Behind Closed Doors
  86. Behind His Back
  87. Behind Eighth Ball
  88. Behind The Times
  89. Believe in The Hereafter
  90. Bells and Whistles
  91. Bells On
  92. Belly Up
  93. Below Par
  94. Below The Belt
  95. Below The Mark
  96. Belt and Braces
  97. Belt and Suspenders
  98. Bend Over Backwards
  99. Bend His Ear
  100. Benjamin of The Family
  101. Beside The Point
  102. Beside Themselves
  103. Besides Yourself
  104. Best of A Bad Bunch
  105. Best of Both Worlds
  106. Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
  107. Bet Your Bottom Dollar
  108. Better Half
  109. Better Late Than Never
  110. Better Safe Than Sorry
  111. Better Than A Stick in The Eye
  112. Better The Devil You Know
  113. Between A Rock And A Hard Place
  114. Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea
  115. Between You and Me
  116. Between You and Me and The Cat’s Whiskers
  117. Beyond A Shadow of A Doubt
  118. Beyond Belief
  119. Beyond Your Ken
  120. Beyond Question
  121. Beyond The Black Stump
  122. Beyond The Pale
  123. Big Apple
  124. Big Bucks
  125. Big Cheese
  126. Big Easy
  127. Big Fish
  128. Big Fish in A Small Pond
  129. Big Girl’s Blouse
  130. Big Bitter
  131. Big Nose
  132. Big Picture
  133. Big Time
  134. Bigger Fish to Fry
  135. Bird in The Hand is Worth Two in The Bush.
  136. Bird’s Eye View
  137. Bird-Brain
  138. Birds and The Bees
  139. Birds of A Feather Flock Together.
  140. Birthday Suit
  141. Bit Between Your Teeth.
  142. Bit Part
  143. Bit Player
  144. Bite Off More Than You Can Chew.
  145. Bite His Head Off
  146. Bite The Bullet
  147. Bite The Dust
  148. Bite Your Lip
  149. Bite Your Tongue
  150. Bits and Bobs
  151. Bitter End
  152. Bitter Pill to Swallow
  153. Black and Blue
  154. Black and White
  155. Black As Newgate’s Knocker
  156. Black Hole
  157. Black Sheep
  158. Blackball
  159. Blank Cheque
  160. Bleeding Edge
  161. Bleeding-Heart
  162. Bless Your Pointy Little Head.
  163. Blessing in Disguise
  164. Bind As A Bat
  165. Blind Leading The Blind
  166. Blink of An Eye
  167. Blood and Thunder
  168. Blood Form A Turnip
  169. Blood is Thicker Than Water.
  170. Blood is Worth Bottling.
  171. Blood Out of A Stone
  172. Blood Sweat and Tears
  173. Blow A Gasket
  174. Blow By Blow
  175. Blow Hot and Cold
  176. Blow Me Down
  177. Blow Off Steam
  178. Blow Out of The Water
  179. Blow Smoke
  180. Blow The Cobwebs Away
  181. Blow The Whistle.
  182. Blow Your Mind.
  183. Blow Your Own Horn.
  184. Blow Your Own Trumpet.
  185. Blow Your Stack.
  186. Blow Your Top.
  187. Blue Blood
  188. Blue-Eyed Boy
  189. Bob is Your Uncle.
  190. Body Politic
  191. Bold As Brass
  192. Bolt from The Blue
  193. Bone of Contention
  194. Bone to Pick
  195. Boondocks
  196. Boot is On The Other Foot.
  197. Born to The Purple
  198. Born With A Silver Spoon in Your Mouth
  199. Both Ends Meet
  200. Bottom Line
  201. Bounce Ideas
  202. Bounce Off The Walls
  203. Bouquet of Orchids
  204. Box and Dice
  205. Box Clever
  206. Boxing and Coxing
  207. Boys in Blue
  208. Brain Surgery
  209. Brass Monkey
  210. Brass Neck
  211. Brass Tacks
  212. Bread and Butter
  213. Breadwinner
  214. Break A Leg
  215. Break Even
  216. Break Ground
  217. Break The Back of The Beast.
  218. Break The Ice.
  219. Break Your Duck.
  220. Break Your Heart.
  221. Breathe Down Your Neck.
  222. Breathe Life Into
  223. Breathe Your Last
  224. Bridge The Gap
  225. Bright and Breezy
  226. Bright As A Button
  227. Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed
  228. Brighten Up The Day
  229. Bring A Knife To A Gunfight
  230. Bring Home The Bacon
  231. Bring On Board
  232. Bring Someone To Book
  233. Bring Someone To Heel
  234. Bring The House Down
  235. Bring To The Table
  236. Broad Church
  237. Broad Strokes
  238. Broke As A Joke and It is Not Funny
  239. Broken Record
  240. Brown Nose
  241. Browned Off
  242. Brownie Points
  243. Brush Under The Carpet
  244. Buggles Turn
  245. Bull in A China Shop
  246. Bull Market
  247. Bull Session
  248. Bull-Headed
  249. Bums On Seats
  250. Bun in The Oven
  251. Bundle of Nerves
  252. Burn Under My Saddle
  253. Burn The Midnight Oil
  254. Burn The Candle at Both Ends
  255. Burn-Rubber
  256. Burn Your Bridges
  257. Burn Your Fingers
  258. Burning Question
  259. Burst At The Seams
  260. Bury The Hatchet
  261. Bury Your Head in The Sand
  262. Busman’s Holiday
  263. Bust My Chops
  264. Busted Flush
  265. Busy As A Beaver
  266. Busy As A Bee
  267. Butt Naked
  268. Butt of A Joke
  269. Butter Would Not Melt in Their Mouth.
  270. Butter-Fingers
  271. Butterflies in Your Stomach
  272. Button Your Lip
  273. Buy The Farm
  274. By A Hair’s Breadth
  275. By A Long Chalk
  276. By and By
  277. By and Large
  278. By Cracky
  279. By Dint Of
  280. By Fair Means or Foul
  281. By Far
  282. By A Whisker
  283. By Fits and Starts
  284. By Heart
  285. By Hook or By Crook
  286. By Leaps and Bounds
  287. By The Back Door
  288. By The Book
  289. By The By
  290. By The Numbers
  291. By The Same Token
  292. By The Seat of Your Pants
  293. By The Skin of Your Teeth
  294. By Virtue Of
  295. By Word of Mouth

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