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Business English Idioms and Phrases beginning with K :

The English language is fast emerging as the most effective universal medium of communication. To be a part of the global quest for personal and academic excellence, to be an efficient component of this highly competitive global environment, you need the ability to speak your mind freely, effectively, fluently and confidently. If you lack these skills, you could be losing out on a lot more than you think!

Regardless of the language that you are trying to learn, connecting the way words sound with how they look on paper is a difficult task. Because the pronunciation rules for English are not consistent, you may often come to points where you will have a difficult time determining how to say things correctly.

It is also important to realize that the English has accents and dialects like any other language. As a result, you may feel confused when you are told to pronounce a word in a certain way, only to hear it spoken in a different way by someone else. Nevertheless, there are still a number of methods that you can use to develop your English speaking skills.

Learning English is easier if you have a sound knowledge of the idiomatic expressions in English. Idioms are a very important aspect of any language. Idioms and phrases can be formed in many ways. Consider the idiomatic phrase TAKE ONE’S HAT OFF. The expression means to admire or respect someone.

For example :

He always works so hard on is English, you have to take your hat off to him.

Similarly, the word MAN has been used to form many idioms. The parts of the body have been used to form numerous idioms. The names of various animals and various objects have also been used to form idioms.

Events and stories from Theology, History, Geography, Science, Mythology, Legend, Romance, Economics, Linguistics, Medicine, Law, Politics, Current Events, Sports, Mathematics, Biology, Philosophy and other subjects have been used in order to create this interesting branch of English Idioms and Phrases.

Not every item in this page is an idiom. Collocations, common sayings, proverbs and interesting expressions have all been embodied here.

The aim is to help the student in every way possible to use English in an impressive and colourful manner.

  1. Kangaroo Court
  2. Keen as Mustard
  3. Keep Abreast
  4. Keep At Bay
  5. Keep Body and Soul Together
  6. Keep in Touch
  7. Keep It on The QT
  8. Keep It Under Your Hat
  9. Keep Mum
  10. Keep Posted
  11. Keep Someone or Something at Arm’s Length
  12. Keep Someone On Their Toes
  13. Keep The Wolf At Bay
  14. Keep Up With The Joneses
  15. Keep Your Chin Up
  16. Keep Your Cool
  17. Keep Your Ear to The Ground
  18. Keep Your Eye On The Ball
  19. Keep Your Eye on The Prize
  20. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
  21. Keep Your Fingers Crossed
  22. Keep Your Hair On
  23. Keep Your Head
  24. Keep Your Head above Water
  25. Keep Your Nose Clean
  26. Keep Your Nose To The Grindstone
  27. Keep Your Options Open
  28. Keep Your Pecker Up
  29. Keep Your Powder Dry
  30. Keep Your Shirt On
  31. Keep Your Wig On
  32. Kettle Of Fish
  33. Kick A Habit
  34. Kick Away The Ladder
  35. Kick In The Teeth
  36. Kick Something Into The Long Grass
  37. Kick The Ballistics
  38. Kick The Bucket
  39. Kick Up You Heels
  40. Kick Your Heels
  41. Kicked To Touch
  42. Kid Gloves
  43. Kill The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg.
  44. Kill Two Birds with One Stone
  45. Kindred Spirit
  46. King of The Castle
  47. King’s Ransom
  48. Kiss and Tell
  49. Kiss of Death
  50. Kiss Something Goodbye
  51. Kissing Cousin
  52. Kitchen-Sink Drama
  53. Kith And Kin
  54. Knee-Jerk Reaction
  55. Knickers in A Twist
  56. Knight in Shining Armour
  57. Knit Your Brows
  58. Knock Them Dead
  59. Knock On Wood
  60. Knock Something On The Head
  61. Knock The Pins From Under Someone
  62. Knock Your Block Off
  63. Knock Your Socks Off
  64. Know A Hawk From A Handsaw
  65. Know Full Well
  66. Know The Ropes
  67. Know Where All The Bodies Are Buried
  68. Know Which Side of The Bread is Buttered On
  69. Know Which Way The Wind Blows
  70. Know Your Onions
  71. Know Your Place

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Business English Idioms and Phrases

Letter Asking A Donation
Letter Asking A Favor
Letter Asking for More Details
Letter Asking for Donations
Letter Denying of Dealership
Letter for Change of Address
Letter for Distributorship
Letter for Employment
Letter for Hotel Reservation
Letter for Letter of Credit
Letter for Line of Credit
Letter for Product Launch
Letter for Promotion
Letter for Retirement Congrats
Letter for Scholarship
Letter for Settlement of Bill
Letter for Tender
Letter for Testimonial
Letter of Agreement
Letter of Assurance
Letter of Credit
Letter of Enquiry
Letter of Order
Letter of Persuasion
Letter of Sympathy
Letter Offering Discount
Letter Related to Advertisement
Letter Related to Despatch
Letter Related to Training
Letter to A Foreign Buyer
Letter to Pen-Friend
Letter to Police
Letter with Order
Letter with Quotation
Letter Writing
Letters about Company Shares
Letters by Clubs and Societies
Letters by Landlords & Tenants
Letters for Appointment of Dealers
Letters for Business Relations
Letters for Buying and Selling
Letters for Credit & Collection
Letters for Foreign Travel
Letters for Lease & Tenancy
Letters for Loan & Borrowing
Letters for Transfer & Assignment
Letters for Insurance
Letters Noting Discrepancy
Letters of Condolence & Sorrow
Letters of Regret
Letters Regarding Maintenance
Letters Regarding Payment
Letters Related to Employees
Letters to Local Corporation
Letters to Postal Authorities
Letters to The Editor
Letters Used in Real Estate
Letters With Postal Department
Letters With Railways Authorities

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