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The English language is fast emerging as the most effective universal medium of communication. To be a part of the global quest for personal and academic excellence, to be an efficient component of this highly competitive global environment, you need the ability to speak your mind freely, effectively, fluently and confidently. If you lack these skills, you could be losing out on a lot more than you think!

Regardless of the language that you are trying to learn, connecting the way words sound with how they look on paper is a difficult task. Because the pronunciation rules for English are not consistent, you may often come to points where you will have a difficult time determining how to say things correctly.

It is also important to realize that the English has accents and dialects like any other language. As a result, you may feel confused when you are told to pronounce a word in a certain way, only to hear it spoken in a different way by someone else. Nevertheless, there are still a number of methods that you can use to develop your English speaking skills.

Learning English is easier if you have a sound knowledge of the idiomatic expressions in English. Idioms are a very important aspect of any language. Idioms and phrases can be formed in many ways. Consider the idiomatic phrase TAKE ONE’S HAT OFF. The expression means to admire or respect someone.

For example :

He always works so hard on is English, you have to take your hat off to him.

Similarly, the word MAN has been used to form many idioms. The parts of the body have been used to form numerous idioms. The names of various animals and various objects have also been used to form idioms.

Events and stories from Theology, History, Geography, Science, Mythology, Legend, Romance, Economics, Linguistics, Medicine, Law, Politics, Current Events, Sports, Mathematics, Biology, Philosophy and other subjects have been used in order to create this interesting branch of English Idioms and Phrases.

Not every item in this page is an idiom. Collocations, common sayings, proverbs and interesting expressions have all been embodied here.

The aim is to help the student in every way possible to use English in an impressive and colourful manner.

  1. Nail in The Coffin
  2. Nail-Biter
  3. Nature Abhors A Vacuum
  4. Nature of The Beast
  5. Neck and Neck
  6. Neck of The Woods
  7. Neck or Nothing
  8. Need No Introduction
  9. Needle in A Haystack
  10. Neither Fish Nor Fowl
  11. Neither Here Nor There
  12. Neither Use Nor Ornament
  13. Nerves of Steel
  14. Nervous Nellie
  15. Nest Egg
  16. Never A Rose without The Prick
  17. Never Darken My Door Again
  18. New Blood
  19. New Brush Sweeps Clean
  20. New Kid on The Block
  21. New Lease of Life
  22. New Man
  23. New Sheriff in Town
  24. New York Minute
  25. Newfangled
  26. Nice As Pie
  27. Nick of Time
  28. Nickel Tour
  29. Night Owl
  30. Ninth Circle of Hell
  31. Nip and Tuck
  32. Nip At The Bit
  33. Nip It in The Bud
  34. Nitty Gritty
  35. No Bed of Roses
  36. No Can Do
  37. No Go
  38. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.
  39. No Great Shakes
  40. No Harm No Foul
  41. No Holds Barred
  42. No Ifs or Buts
  43. No Laughing Matter
  44. No Love Lost - 1
  45. No Love Lost - 2
  46. No Pain No Gain
  47. No Quarter
  48. No Question
  49. No Questions Asked
  50. No Skin Off My Nose
  51. No Smoke Without Fire
  52. No Spine
  53. No Spring Chicken
  54. No Strings Chicken
  55. No Time For
  56. No Time Like The Present
  57. No Time to Lose
  58. No Use To Man or Beast
  59. Nod is As Good As A Wink.
  60. Noddy Work
  61. None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See - 1
  62. None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See - 2
  63. Nose in The Air
  64. Nosy Parker
  65. Not A Snowball’s Change in Hell
  66. Not All There
  67. Not Bat An Eye
  68. Not Born Yesterday
  69. Not Cricket
  70. Not Enough Room to Swing A Cat
  71. Not Give A Monkey’s
  72. Not Have The Hearts
  73. Not Have Two Pennies To Rub Together
  74. Not Hurt A Fly
  75. Not Know Beans About
  76. Not Know You Are Born
  77. Not Much Cop
  78. Not My Cup of Tea
  79. Not On My Watch
  80. Not Our Bag
  81. Not The Only Pebble on The Beach
  82. Not To Be Sneezed At
  83. Now Wash
  84. Not Worth A Red Cent
  85. Not Worth A Tinkers Dam
  86. Notch on Your Belt
  87. Not Fit To Hold Candle
  88. Nothing to Crow About
  89. Nothing to Write Home About
  90. Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
  91. Not Worth His Salt
  92. Now and Then
  93. Null and Void - 1
  94. Null and Void - 2
  95. Number Cruncher
  96. Nurse A Grudge
  97. Nuts and Bolts
  98. Nutty as A Fruitcake

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