Business Introduction Letters

Business Introduction Letters may be introducing either the person who joined your company or a new product or yourself. AT the end of this page few samples of each type of business introduction letter have been given to give you an idea about how to draft such letters.

In any case, business introduction letter should be written in your company letter head so that your letter will get the authentic touch. Since that introduction is done on behalf of your company or your organisation, using the letter head of the company is the best choice to give authenticity to your introduction.

When introducing a person who joined your company recently, it is better to state about his educational qualifications and his experience. And you should also state why you have chosen that particular person to that past and how far he/she is the most suitable person to justify that job. More over, you should mention the contact address and the contact phone number of THE PERSON whom you are introducing so that the addressee will contact THE PERSON directly.

After the introduction letter was posted, you should inform THE PERSON that such an introduction letter has been written.

When you are introducing a product, it is better to state all features about the product. What are the unique features of that product? How that product should be used? What is the price of that product? Where are those products available? By stating these points, you are inducing the addressee either to buy that product or to recommend that product to others.

When you are writing a letter to introduce your self, you should write your mini resume in that letter. But that should be concise.

As we saw already, spells check your letter and it should be grammar-proof.

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