Business Letter

Business Letter :

A business letter does not mean a letter written to a business man or a letter received by a business man. Any letter which is not written to a close friend or blood relative is called as business letter. It can also be called as OFFICIAL LETTER.

We may broadly divide business letters into two kinds.

(1) A private business letter

(2) A public business letter

A private business letter is normally written in connection with transaction of a business or some work. Letters written to business or official persons such as School authorities, a trader, an agent, a professional man, a lawyer, a doctor, a contractor etc. are private business letters. The business letter can be addressed either to an individual like Manager, General Manager by designation or by name or to the name of a company, such as publishing company, printing company, gas company etc.

A public business letter can also be called as official letter. This kind of letter is written to anyone in his official capacity and not as private persons. The persons addressed to can be the Editor of a Newspaper, the Chairman of a Municipal corporation, the Director of a company the Head of the Department of a govt. organisation, etc.

A good business letter should be brief and clear. Politeness will find a definite place. The writer should say what he / she wants to say and never use a single word more or less.

  • Parts of A Business Letter
  • The Heading of A Business Letter
  • The Name, Designation and Address
  • The Salutation
  • The Body of The Letter
  • The Ending of The Business Letters

    1. Letter to Postmaster
    2. Letter to Headmaster
    3. Letter to Inspector of Police
    4. Letter to Editor of a Newspaper
    5. Letter to A Company
    6. Letter to The Mayor of Chennai
    7. An Application to The Director of School Education
    8. Letter to Book Company Ordering Books
    9. Letter to The Director of Doordarshan Kendra
    10. Letter to A Newspaper
    11. Letter to The General Manager
    12. Leave Letter
    13. Letter for Conduct Certificate

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