Business Letter for Construction Project

Business Letter for Construction Project :

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Dear _____________,

Thank you for discussing your upcoming construction project with us. Some of the contractors you select to bid on the work will be familiar with our backhoes from their involvement on similar projects. Although many contractors are familiar with the value and performance of our backhoes, they very often compare the cost of purchasing a backhoe directly with renting. This overlooks the long-term cost associated with having their own equipment available to their crew at any time. As you are aware, the true cost comparison should be between the total installation and long-term operation of these machines.

I hope we answered any questions you had about the features and benefits of our backhoes. Our Z-543 continues to grow in popularity as we introduce it in new markets. Its unique design centers on its innovative arm and spade, which eliminate the need for larger machines.

Of course, the most important, yet most easily overlooked, advantage of our products is their durability under the wide range of conditions experienced in the field. You can be confident of their effectiveness and reliability.

Since you mentioned that three major companies have been approved to date as suppliers of construction products, we would like you also to consider the use of our backhoe for this project. We will be demonstrating the Z-543 at the show in Seattle and hope we can discuss the merits of the product at that time.

Please let us know if you’ll be able to attend so that we can forward a free exhibit pass.

Yours Sincerely,

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Business Letter for Construction Project