Business Letter for Nutritional Supplements

Business Letter for Nutritional Supplements :

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Dear _____________,

We have received multiple vendor requests for information about nutritional supplements. Therefore, we’ve summarized below a few general guidelines as helpful hints to you.

The latest Vita-Day Pak provides not only essential anti-oxidants, but a large dose of the B-complex family. When recommending this product to your customer, make sure that they understand that the Vita-Day Paks must be taken every day for at least 3 weeks to achieve maximum results.

The children’s chewable supplements are now available in mixed fruit flavors. Although this product is expensive, it is important to communicate to your customers that the vitamins are all natural, contain no sugar, and are absorbed by their childs system 3 times faster than the leading competitor’s.

Our training snack bars are now available in low-fat. Each bar contains only 2 grams of fat, but still provides the same essential nutrients found in our regular training snack bars. Remind your customers that although the low-fat bars have much less fat and are still delicious, they may want to consider limiting their intake to no more than 2 bars per day.

Although these guidelines are provided primarily to our current vendors, we hope you also find the information useful. If you feel that we should get together to review your situation (with no obligation on your part), please contact us at 512-555-5555.

Yours Sincerely,

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Business Letter for Nutritional Supplements