Business Letter to Develop The Strategies

Business Letter to Develop The Strategies :

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Dear _____________,

In today’s competitive world, managers have realized they can no longer sit back and wait for buyers to come in the door. They must communicate about their products and deliver quality services more effectively, efficiently, and productively than ever before. We at Mehta, Inc. can help you develop the strategies to make your organization successful. With changes in the economy, technology, and legislation occurring almost daily, many executives have been tempted to overlook their advertising plans. How can we plan for next year when we can’t even be sure of next week? is a common question.

But such an environment makes it more important than ever to have a plan to guide decisions about new lines of advertising. Many companies know they need to advertise, but the cost is usually considered prohibitive. We have an option we think you’ll consider more than reasonable.

Mehta, Inc., a five-year-old firm based in Patiyala, is known for high quality and innovative advertising products and services. We have the technology and expertise to show you how to advertise your products on a regular basis in a cost effective manner. Should you need this service, we will be happy to put this knowledge and experience to work for you. We invite you to take advantage of our special packages:

Bundled ads in industry-specific publications

Coordinated radio spots in your market

Discounted newspaper ads

Specialty items to distribute to your customers

I’ll phone next week to see which of these products and services makes more sense in your specific situation.

Yours Sincerely,

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Business Letter to Develop The Strategies