Business Letters and Format

This is sample Business Letters and Format.

Description of layout Of Business Letters and Format.

  1. Sender’s Name and Address :

    An example of how the name and address is written is :

    From :

    Tan Kim Hock,
    227, Jalan Besar,
    51000 Kuala Lumpur.

    12 March 1990

    If a letter is written on paper with the company letterhead, then it is not necessary to write the name and address of sender as the letterhead would have indicated so. Only the date needs to be written.

  2. Reference :

    A reference number is included only if there is any or if it is necessary to do so.

  3. Style of Address :

    This normally begins on the same line as the date or one line below.

    Examples of this are :

    The Manager,
    ABC Publishing Sdn, Bhd.,
    123, Jalan Atas,
    40000 Petaling Jaya.

    Encik Yahya Idris,
    XYZ Trading Company,
    78, Jalan Bahagia,
    50100 Kuala Lumpur.

    For the attention of Mr. J.C. Low

    Highlife Services,
    426, Lorong Belakang,
    51210 Kuala Lumpur.

  4. Salutation :

    It is customary to write Dear Sir or Dear Madam for the appropriate case or just Sir or Madam.

    Dear Sir / Madam may be used if the recipient’s sex is unknown to you.

    Sirs or Madams may be used when addressing more that one person.

    Alternatively if the recipient’s name is known, it may be used, for example Dear Mr. Tan.

  5. Subject Heading :

    The Subject Heading may be written on the left or the centre of the page. This is usually underlined.

  6. Body of Letter :

    Below are some commonly used phrases to start the letter :

    Thank you for your letter………….

    I am grateful for………………

    I enclose………………

    In reply to your letter………………

    I would appreciate it if……………….

    With reference to your letter of…………

    As requested……………….


    I would like to inform you…………..

    I regret to inform you…………..

    I am writing to………….

    I would like to know………………

    Many thanks for………….

    Use simple straightforward language to communicate what is intended. Break up the letter into short paragraphs (if needed) of about five or six lines each. This will make the letter neat and easy to read. Also it gives a good impression to the recipient. High-sounding flowery language in long tedious paragraphs may mislead the reader besides making a task of reading the letter.

    Keep to the subject. Above all do not use abusive words. A letter is a written piece of document meant to convey facts, not emotion. Emotional outbursts could bring adverse reactions such as lawsuits.

  7. Signing off :

    Yours faithfully is common ending for most business letters that start with Dear Sir etc. (when recipients name is not known).

    Yours Sincerely is for more friendly business letters that start with Dear Mr. Tan etc. (when recipient’s name is known)

    Yours lovingly, yours affectionately etc. are for personal letters. They are not normally used in business letters.

  8. Signatory :

    A letter is normally signed at the end by the sender, with the sender’s name and designation below the signature. Sometimes the company seal is added for authenticity.

    If the letter is written on behalf of someone else, it must be indicated so.

    Examples are :

    Yours faithfully,

    For K.L. Lee
    Sharon Liew

    Yours faithfully,

    Sharon Liew
    For the Managing Director

    per pro or the initials p.p. which means for and on behalf of (Latin : per Procurationem) instead of for when writing on behalf of a company. In this case the letter should be written in the plural.

    Yours faithfully,

    p.p. Cottage Industries Sdn, Bhd,

    (Sharon Liew)

  9. Enclosures :

    It is a good idea to have this at the bottom of a letter if enclosures are included with the letter. Encls. (3) simply means there are 3 items enclosed with the letter.

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