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Business Letters of Apology are written to express our apology for the inconvenience caused to our customers because of our services.

Modern Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

34/12 : Anna Salai,
Thousand Lights,
Chennai – 600001
Phone : 044 25167822
Fax : 044 25167823

10th August 2010

Dear Mr. Clinton,

I took notice of your letter dated 7th August 2010. You have noted that the computer that you purchased from us is taking time to get started after switched on. And many files in the computer have got corrupted although the best anti-virus software has been installed. I apology for the inconveniences these issues have given to you.

These are really worrisome issues which need our immediate attention. Since I was out of station attending a seminar held at New York two days back, I could not take action to set thighs right for you. More over, to make the things worse, few staff-members have left our company. This also complicated the matters.

I have taken action to send an expert team to your office to set things right for you. This will be done either tomorrow or in a couple of days. As I mentioned above, we face shortage of staff problem.

This is not a typical issue we face in our company. But, as you know very well, some things always happen unexpectedly. We always treat our customers as our masters. You are one of our valuable customers. Because of this little delay on our side, we have decided to provide this service free of cost to you.

We always hope to get your support as usual.

Once again, I apology for the inconvenience caused to you, because of the computer that you purchased from us.

If you have any other question, please call me at 9812716210.

With thanks.

Yours in service,

(Signature of Ashok Kumar)

Ashok Kumar

Manager, Customer Solutions

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