Business Letters

This page is telling about the style in which business letters are written. Letter-head should be usually used to write the business letters. Failing which clean and white paper can be used for the purpose. An effective business letter will have the followings.

  • Date to indicate when the letters was written

  • Sender’s Address to indicate who wrote the letter

  • Recipient’s Address to whom the letter is addressed

  • Salutation to respect the addressee

  • Body of the letter

  • Closing of the letter

  • Enclosures in support of the body of the letter

  • Typist’s Name with Signature for future reference

  • Date :

    The date line will mention the date on which the letter is written. In case the letter was written few days back, it is better to put the date on which the letter is posted. And the best format to mention the date is the American Format as per which the month will appear before the date which will be followed by the year. Left-Justify the date in the above format.

    August 12, 2010

    Sender’s Address :

    It is better to write the complete address of the person who is writing the letter with the Street Name, Postal Code, the Phone Number and the Fax Number so that the addressee may contact the sender for any clarification. The name and the designation of the sender need not be mentioned, because those points will be mentioned in the closing formalities. This sender’s address is usually called FROM address. This also should be left-justified.

    Recipient’s Address :

    You should write to a specific person in the company. In the echelon of the organisational structure, specific responsibilities will be assigned to the individuals. Depending upon the purpose of the letter, you should address your letter to the specific person who is responsible to attend to your issue. In case, you do not know the name and the designation of the person to whom you have to write your letter, it is better to make a phone call to the company and collect information regarding the person who is responsible to attend to your issue. The personal title (Mr. Mrs. Ms. And Dr.) and the designation of that person should be mentioned in the Recipient’s Address. This alone will make your letter impressive and most effective. In case the address is in other country, the name of that country should be mentioned clearly so that the postal department people will be clear about the destination of the letter. This also should be left-justified. This Recipient’s address is usually called TO address.

    Salutation :

    Use the name of the addressee with his title in the salutation. If you know the addressee personally, it is enough to use the first name of the addressee. In case you do not know the addressee, it is better to use the full name of the addressee. In either care, use the title of the addressee.

    Dear Mr. John,
    Dear Miss Nancy,
    Dear Mrs. John,
    Dear Mr. Barrack Obama,

    In case you are not sure about the sexuality (gender) of the addressee, it is better to use the full name of that person.

    Dear Barrack Obama,

    Body of The Letter :

    The body should be concise and brief. The body should be supported with adequate and authentic documents which should be added as enclosures. In the body of the letter, single space between sentences is better. The letter should be left-justified. Between two paragraphs, single line space should be allowed. The first paragraph should present the issue whereas the second paragraph should give supportive details while the last paragraph should summarise the issue in a brief manner. In case the letter demands any urgent action from the addressee, that should be clearly mentioned in the body of the letter.

    Closing :

    The first letter of the closing line should be in Capital Form.

    With Thank.
    With Thanks.
    Thank You.
    Thanking You.

    After this closing line, there should be space of four or five lines in order to make space to add the signature of the sender.

    Enclosures :

    All the supporting documents should be added so that your letter will get professional and authentic look. Only when the detailed documents are enclosed, the addressee will get your point of view in no time otherwise the addressee will write back to you demanding more information in support of what you have written.

    Typist’s Name with Signature :

    In case you did not type the letter, it is better to add the typist’s name and signature for your future reference.

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