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S. Rajagopal,
Regional Manager,

3rd May 2000

To : K.A. Majumdar,
HRD Director,


A minor incident which took place three months ago has assumed gigantic dimension and erupted as a major union strike, disrupting the day-to-day functions of the branches coming under southern region. Following are the turn of events leading to the present crisis.

On 15th May, M. Krishnan, an Accounts Clerk did not attend to an important job assigned by S. Kumar, Accounts Manager. In the evening, the boss asked for the statement and in reply, the assistant gave some excuse and assured that he would complete it the next day. On the next day evening, the boss called for the papers and he was given another lame excuse. The story continued till 19th May. On that evening, S.Kumar lost his temper and shouted at M. Krishnan vehemently.

On 20th May, when M. Krishnan came to the office in the morning, he was taken aback to see a suspension order resting on his table. Acting on the same, he left the office.

On 21st May, Thomas Griffith, the Labour Union leader met K. Sridhar, the Personnel Manager and expressed his displeasure over the management’s decision. K. Sridhar narrated the reason for their action, for which Thomas Griffth made an objection by saying that the accounts clerk was not given to understand that the assignment was to be completed speedily. He further added that if the suspension order is not withdrawn forthwith, union strike will be declared and 25th May will be the terminal date till which they will wait.

Till 31st May, there was no change in the scenario. On 1st June, the Personal Manager called the union leader for a talk and told him that he had talked to the Accounts Manager and he has reiterated that the accounts assistant had not obeyed the boss in completing the job. The union leader played the same record as before. There was no written instruction given to the accounts assistant and as such management was weak in their position. Perhaps based on this point, the union was playing a game.

The Personnel Manager felt that there was no way out to solve the problem. At the same time, bowing down to the union will not be good for the management.

After having close discussion with the Personnel Manager and the Accounts Manager, I took a final decision that the accounts assistant can be transferred to stores as stores assistant and that job will be tough for him. With this, the union strike was put to an end. Finally, I have given clear instructions to the Stores Manager to handle M. Krishnan with tact.



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