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From :

R. Mahesh Kulkarni,
Marketing Manager,

13th April 2000

To :

A.T. Prakash Khanna,
Marketing Director,


It is with pleasure, I give this report regarding the marketing strategy to be adopted in introducing Water Analyser as our new product.

Before getting into propagation of the new product, the actual market segments which will use this product will be listed. They are same as below.

(1) Process industries

(2) Water reservoirs and swimming pools

(3) Aquaculture

(4) Water testing laboratories

(5) Engineering institutes offering course in instrumentation

(A) Preparation of Mailing List

All the possible users coming under the above market segments will be identified from various directories relating to them. They will be fed to the computer and a detailed database will be created and constantly updated.

(B) Sending Information

The addresses of possible customers will be retrieved from the database and detailed write-up of the product will be sent to all of them highlighting the efficacy.

(C) Arranging Live Demo

To important customers, every branch office will conduct live demonstration of the product at the customer’s site. The product can be left with the customer for few days, so that they can use the product and satisfy for themselves about the quality of the product.

(D) Participation in Exhibition

Trade Fairs and exhibitions are conducted throughout the country on different dates. In such of those where the target audience can be expected to visit, our new product will be exhibited and live demo conducted.

(E) Strengthening After-Sales Service

Service engineers will be trained well, so that best after-sales service is rendered to the customers.

(F) Tranining Customer’s Engineers

After selling the product to customers, our engineers during their routine visits can drop in at the customer’s site and train their service engineers on the trouble shooting.

(G) Sending Questionnaire to Customers

To check the degree of satisfaction from the customers, questionnaire will be sent to them with a request to fill up the same an return. This will give a good feedback.

(H) Taking Corrective Action

Once the feedback is received from the customers, it anything is to be attended to, the same will be looked into.

By paying best attention to customers, the market will be well established and sustained.



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