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From :

P.T. Chakravarthi,
HRD Manager,

3rd June 2000

To :

S.B. Roy Chowdhury,
Managing Director,


It is heartening to note that our company though only three years old has made rapid strides in a short span of time and developed into a major industry. The strength of staff at different levels is now three times that of the beginning.

You will agree with me that effective staff members are the pillars of a company. By taking good care of them, we can motivate them well. Their increased output as a result of rising enthusiasm will take the company to greater heights. Keeping this in mind, I suggest the following schemes, which can be studied and implemented.

(1) Incentive for Performance

For good performance in crossing the target, sales and production staff should be awarded incentive in cash. For the supporting staff like in administration, personnel, stores and accounts, the rewards can be in the form of increments and promotion. A job well done should be acknowledged irrespective of the cadre.

(2) Uniform for Staff

Different levels of staff should be given uniforms in different pleasing colours at company’s expense.

(3) Medical Insurance

Group Medical Insurance should be implemented so as to benefit all the employees.

(4) Insurance for Travelling Executives

Separate insurance should be taken for travelling executives against accidents during travel.

(5) Workmen Compensation

Factory workers should be well protected against accidents while doing work in machines. Towards this, separate insurance policy should be taken.

(6) Educational Allowance

A part of the educational expenses incurred by the employees for their wards should be reimbursed by the company.

(7) Gratuity and Superannuation

Group Insurance should be taken to cover gratuity and superannuation for the related staff members.

(8) Annual Bonus

Depending upon the profit earned in a financial year, annual bonus should be given to all the employees.

(9) Recreation Clubs

Separate recreation clubs should be formed for staff and workmen at the earliest. They can relax and play during lunch hours and after office hours till 8.00P.M.

(10) Encouragement of Sportspersons

Talented sports persons should be encouraged to participate in national and international tournaments. The company should sponsor their trips.

(11) Subsidised Lunch

In the factory canteen, subsidised lunch should be provided to all.

(12) Company Transport

To facilitate easy commuting, all the employees should be picked up from different parts of the city.



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