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Business Vocabulary is the list of words which are widely used in business communications. These words are extensively used in Advertising & Publicity, Marketing and Sales, Meetings, Money & Finance, Computers, Employment, Graphs and Charts, Interviews, Investment and Stock market, Business Letters, Negotiations and Telephone. The Business Letters with these vocabulary will give the expected results rather than the business letters with the general vocabulary. You should take all efforts to see that you use only these words so that your letters will be treated as serious and you will be respected for your good command over the business world. Although it is difficult to masteries all these words in a single day, you should see to it that you know how to use these words over a period of time.

ACCEPTANCE : The assent given by the drawee of a Bank of Exchange when he signs his name across the face of the bill. Usually the word ACCEPTED followed by the drawee's signature, date and place of payment is written down, though signature is enough

ACCOUNT : 1. A bookkeeping record of business transactions 2. Customer or a client

ACCOUNT CURRENT : A statement of account summarizing business transactions (showing balance, interest etc.) between two parties or firms over a given period of time

ACT OF GOD : A term used in insurance policies etc. to denote an act that is beyond human control, that is, one that could not be, foreseen or guarded against, e.g. a lightning strike

ACTUARY : One who calculates premiums payable for various types of insurance

AD REFERENCE CONTRACT : A contract for sale of goods, containing a proviso that certain points are subject to future consideration

AD VALOREM DUTY : Duty levied of goods according to their value

ADJUDICATION ORDER : An official Court declaration that a debtor is a bankrupt

ADVANCE BILL : A bill of exchange drawn before shipment of goods

ADVICE NOTE : A document informing a customer that his goods are on the way. Sometimes an invoice sent in advance serves same purpose

AFFIDAVIT : A written oath, usually made before a judge or Commissioner for Oaths

AFFREIGHTMENT : The freight of a ship

AGREEMENT : A contract, written or verbal, to do or not to do certain things

ALLONGE : A slip of paper pasted on the back of a Bill of exchange to accommodate further endorsements for which there is no room on the bill itself

ALLOTMENT : The number of shares allotted to a person who has applied for shares in a public company

ALL-RISKS INSURANCE : An insurance policy against all risks except those specially excluded and thus mentioned in the policy

AMALGAMATION : The joining together of two or more companies to form a new entity

AMORTISATION : The gradual paying off of a debt at regular intervals, usually by means of a Sinking Fund

ANNUAL RETURNS : A statutory return submitted to the Registrar of Companies following the annual general meeting of a registered company. This applies to private and public companies. The return must be accompanied by a certified copy of the Balance Sheet and auditor's report

ANNUITY : A fixed yearly sum payable to a person arising from the investment of a capital sum under the terms of a will etc.

ANTE-DATE : To affix an earlier date to a document

APPEAL BOND : A bond required of an appellant to cover payment of costs and damages if the appeal is unsuccessful

APPRAISE : To evaluate

APPRECIATE : To increase in value

ARBITRATION : The settlement of a dispute through a third party

ARTICLES QF ASSOCIATION : The regulations defining the powers, rights, duties and authority of the directors and shareholders, plus the internal management of a limited liability company

ARREARS : Overdue debts of payments

ASSESSMENT : Evaluation for the purpose of taxation

ASSET : A thing of value (possession, property etc.) owned by a person or organization

ASSURANCE : A type of insurance that deals with events that must necessarily happen sooner of later, e.g. death

ATTORNEY : A person (especially a solicitor) legally authorized to act as an agent for another

AUDIT : To check or the checking of the accounts of a company etc.

AUDITOR : A person appointed to check the accounts of a company etc.

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