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Business Vocabulary is the list of words which are widely used in business communications. These words are extensively used in Advertising & Publicity, Marketing and Sales, Meetings, Money & Finance, Computers, Employment, Graphs and Charts, Interviews, Investment and Stock market, Business Letters, Negotiations and Telephone. The Business Letters with these vocabulary will give the expected results rather than the business letters with the general vocabulary. You should take all efforts to see that you use only these words so that your letters will be treated as serious and you will be respected for your good command over the business world. Although it is difficult to masteries all these words in a single day, you should see to it that you know how to use these words over a period of time.

BALANCE OF TRADE : The difference between a country's imports and exports of goods. It is considered favorable when exports exceed imports.

BALANCE SHEET : A statement showing the Assets and Liabilities of an organization.

BANK-NOTE : A currency note issued by a bank

BANK STATEMENT : A periodic (usually monthly) statement showing all transactions affecting a customer's Current Account

BANKER'S DRAFT : A document that may be bought from a bank ordering one of its branches or agents to pay on demand a specified amount of money to a specified person or organization

BANKRUPTCY : A person who does not have enough funds to pay his debts is said to be Insolvent. He can be declared bankrupt by Court which will then vest his property in a Trustee to be divided among his creditors

BILL OF EXCHANGE : A written document by one person ordering another to pay, on demand or at a specified date, a sum of money to a specified third person

BILL OF ENTRY : A document describing goods to be landed given to the Customs authorities before landing

BILL OF LADING : A document given by the shipping agent t0 ship-owner as a receipt for goods taken on board ship, stating terms on which the goods are to be carried

BILL OF SALE : A document transferring ownership of goods from one person to another possession of the goods remaining with former

BOND : A written promise to pay a certain sum of money or to do or not do specified things to a specified person

BONDED GOODS : Goods liable to Customs Duty or Excise Duty stored in a Bonded Warehouse pending export or payment duty

BONDED STORES : Dutiable goods taken free of duty from a Bonded Warehouse for consumption on board ship

BONDED WAREHOUSE : A government warehouse where dutiable goods are stored

BROKER : One who buys and sells on behalf of other people with taking possession of the goods

BROKERAGE : The commission paid to a broker.

BUDGET : A plan of systematic expenditure

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